Career Transition – Preparing for Future Success


About this course

In time, you will be faced with having to retire from the sport you love. But what happens next? With support and guidance, transitioning to a new career can be an exciting and highly rewarding one.

In conjunction with the IOC’s Athlete Career Programme; Ian Grundy from the Adecco Group, Tracy Hardy from E to Exec and Susana Reguela from the Centre d’Alt Rendiment offer their advice on how to manage your transition from sport to the world of business.

What you’ll learn

  • Why planning is key to your next steps as a business professional
  • Strategies to help you prioritise and manage your time
  • The importance of networking and how it can enhance your employment opportunities
  • The fundamentals of how to prepare and succeed in an interview

Further to the course content, you are also invited to join the Community where athletes and coaches just like you are sharing insights on their own transition as well as get top tips from industry professionals.

This course will take 30-45 minutes to complete.

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