Business Start–Up: From Idea to Launch


Why join the course?

Do you have a great business idea but are unsure how to make it a reality? Or are you in the early phases of your business start-up and need some extra advice? If so, join Prof Lisa Delpy Neirotti, a Professor at the George Washington University and life-long entrepreneur as she explores the complexities of starting your own business and how to tackle some of the key decisions you need to make for your idea to be a success.

The course will highlight how to develop your idea, source funding and bring it to market. Prof Neirotti, will share personal insights from her own business ventures and of lessons learnt over 20 years in business. You will also hear from Olympians Kirsty Coventry and Lea Davison as they talk about their own businesses and how they have used their experience as athletes to make a positive impact in their respective communities.

Who is it for?

Everyone! Whether you are competing, transitioning or have already retired, the lessons learnt here will inspire you to get started with your own start-up no matter where you are in your career.

What will I learn?

  • How your experience as an athlete is a huge asset
  • How to set up, fund, promote and grow your own business idea
  • How to prepare a business plan and pitch to potential investors
  • The risks and rewards associated with running your own business

No business idea follows a set path, so why not share your own experiences or get advice from your peers in the dedicated community that supports this course? Just click on the Join the Community Discussion button to get started.

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